How It Works

How It Works

How It Works

Step 1 – Open your storage account

Complete and return the account application form. Once received, SWP will prepare a personalized storage agreement and send it to you.


You can purchase your precious metals from SWP directly. Alternatively, we are happy to introduce you to one of the reputable bullion dealers who actively sell within our vault. We will also accept any existing metals you may wish to transfer to our facility from home or another depository.

Step 3 – Pay your storage fees

Pay your storage fees on a quarterly basis and enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with storing your assets with SWP. You will receive regular monthly inventory statements and an independent annual audit statement from Bureau Veritas - Inspectorate.

How to deliver or transfer existing metals

We’re happy to accept and store existing precious metals you are currently storing at home or at another depository. Together with our global logistics partners, we can arrange a fully insured shipment of your metals to our facility on your behalf. Smaller shipments (valued less than $100,000), will be shipped overnight by fully-insured courier. Larger shipments (above $100,000) are generally shipped by armoured courier. Please contact us to arrange the details on your behalf.

Alternatively, delivery can be accomplished by hand carrying the metals to the Cayman Islands by flight or cruise ship. It is completely legal to import precious metals to the Cayman Islands and no tariffs apply upon entry. We do recommend that you declare the full value of the metals you are carrying on your declaration form based on the current spot price.

How to take delivery of your metals

You have the ability to withdraw your metals upon 24 hours’ notice. Simply call or email us to request the withdrawal. The metals can either be picked up from the facility during regular business hours or we can arrange a fully insured delivery to your address on file.

How to sell your metals

You can sell your metals directly to SWP or any of the bullion dealers operating within our vault. This creates an extremely liquid two-way market. Settlement from the sale generally occurs within 48-72 hours and the proceeds are remitted to you directly by the dealer.

How to pay your storage fees

Storage fees for Secure Segregated Storage accounts are billed quarterly in arrears. Fees for safe deposit box rentals are billed annually in advance.

We accept payment by credit card, bank transfer or bank wire.


All Secure Segregated Storage accounts are subject to an annual independent audit performed by Bureau Veritas - Inspectorate. You will receive a copy of the audit statement.

Safe deposit boxes are not subject to an audit.


We have the ability to authenticate all precious metals in the vault using industry leading testing equipment.


All metals held in Secure Segregated Storage accounts are fully insured up to their replacement value under the terms of our comprehensive insurance policy, which is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.

Metals in safe deposit boxes are automatically insured up to $50,000 USD. Additional insurance can be purchased up to a maximum of $1,000,000 USD per box at a cost of $25 USD per $10,000 USD of liability protection.

A copy of the insurance policy is available upon request.