American investors can hold physical gold and silver in their IRA offshore

American investors can hold physical gold and silver in their IRA offshore

American investors can hold physical gold and silver in their IRA offshore

SWP is delighted to announce its newly formed relationship with the Preferred Trust Company LLC, offering American investors the opportunity to hold precious metals in their self-directed Individual Retirement Account (IRA) while being stored at SWP's facility in the Cayman Islands. Investors can now benefit from all the advantages of holding precious metals in a self-directed IRA along with the peace of mind that comes with storing assets in the best and safest offshore jurisdiction in the Western Hemisphere.

Preferred Trust Company LLC facilitates both the custodial and administrator roles as a licensed retail trust company. Formed in 2007, their mission is to provide individuals the opportunity to break down the barriers of traditional investing in an IRA. They strive to educate investors about their ability to invest in alternative assets, such as physical precious metals, through their IRA while providing tax-advantage retirement growth. 

“Preferred Trust Company works with Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) to provide our clients diversification not only in where they purchase precious metals, but also where they store their precious metals.”  - Carrie Cook, CEO, Preferred Trust Company

How It Works


Open your self-directed IRA account with the Preferred Trust Company. Next, rollover, transfer or contribute funds into your account. The account needs to be funded before the precious metals can be purchased.

You can also transfer existing precious metals already being administered by another IRA custodian. 


SWP is a fully integrated precious metals dealer and approved offshore IRA depository. You can elect SWP as both your dealer and depository when completing your Investment Authorization and Direction form with the Preferred Trust Company.

If you have any questions about holding gold and silver in your self-directed IRA, please contact SWP today by calling 1 (345) 640-2111 or by emailing Or if you are ready to begin, please open an account with Preferred Trust Company:

Preferred Trust Company
Phone: (888) 990-7892, Option 1

open your precious metals storage account offshore gold vault

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