Offshore Jurisdiction

The Cayman Islands are the closest and best offshore storage option for investors seeking to internationalize their hard assets.


Our state-of-the-art Class 3 UL rated facility is purpose built for the storage of precious metals.


We will assist you to acquire and liquidate pure bullion products within our vault at premiums competitive with the US domestic market.

Welcome to Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP)

SWP specializes in the secure storage and acquisition of precious metals for investors who are seeking a premier offshore storage solution located in the Western Hemisphere.

The Cayman Islands is the world’s fifth largest financial centre

A better choice. The Cayman Islands is the world’s fifth largest financial centre. As such, economic freedom is understood by both its government and its people. SWP does not have any wealth-reporting requirements to the Cayman or any foreign governments.

When you store your precious metals with SWP, you can do so with complete peace of mind

Absolutely no risk. When you store your precious metals with SWP, you can do so with complete peace of mind. Your investment is always 100% allocated, segregated and insured, securely stored in our UL rated Class 3 vault.

We are a boutique firm that caters to your individual investment requirements

Personal service is guaranteed. We are a boutique firm that caters to your individual investment requirements to create a seamless experience with the acquisition, logistics and storage of your precious metals.

How It Works


Open your storage account

Complete and return the account application form. Once received, SWP will prepare a personalized storage agreement and send it to you.

Purchase your precious metals

Purchase your precious metals from SWP directly or from one of our dealer-partners who actively sells within the vault. We also accept existing holdings you may wish to transfer.

Pay your storage fees

Pay your storage fees on a quarterly basis and enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with storing your assets with SWP. You will receive regular inventory statements and an independent annual audit statement from Bureau Veritas - Inspectorate.
"As the top international banking centre and a world leader in structured finance,
the Cayman Islands Government welcomes new investment from overseas businesses and
individuals wishing to diversify and internationalize their assets. We are pleased to
welcome Strategic Wealth Preservation Ltd. (SWP) as an independent, world-class
precious metals storage facility that offers a trusted option for those wishing to
purchase or store precious metals in the safe and investor friendly offshore
jurisdiction of the Cayman Islands."

- Hon. Moses I. Kirkconnell, JP, MLA Deputy Premier of the Cayman Islands
"When you ponder the implications of Cyprus, Greece, Puerto Rico and the Chinese stock market,
you may want to consider keeping your precious metals offshore in someplace like
the insured vaults of Strategic Wealth Preservation in Grand Cayman. The alternative
is too dreadful to think about when governments start getting greedy."

- Bob Moriarty,
"The Cayman Islands, to my mind, provides the greatest economic freedom and opportunities
to investors of any country in the Western Hemisphere. Accordingly, Cayman's
premier precious metals storage facility, SWP, has become
the Western Hemisphere's best choice for wealth storage."

- Jeff Thomas, Casey Research
"SWP has surpassed my expectations. As one of SWP's first retail customers,
I needed to see the vault for myself, so my wife and I traveled down to Grand Cayman
along with our deposit. Operations Manager Mark Yaxley picked us up at the port,
allowed us to see the operation at SWP's facility, and showed us around the island
before dropping us back at the port to continue on with our cruise.
I highly recommend SWP for storing your precious metals."

- Don, Georgia
"I was able to visit the new SWP precious metals storage facility while on a
family vacation in July 2015. The SWP vault is located inside of a
private security building and is state of the art. Operations Manager Mark Yaxley
was very accommodating and made it easy for me to open an account and deposit
precious metals that I already owned. SWP also has business relationships with
reputable North American bullion dealers and I was able to open a 2nd storage account
at their vault through Sprott Money. I can now purchase precious metals with a
click of a mouse and have them stored on Grand Cayman Island."

- Bill, California
"My experience with SWP has been nothing short of outstanding.
Best customer service I've ever experienced, anywhere, in any area of my life.
I plan on being a customer for life."

- Blair, USA
"Many thanks for your speedy and professional service. You have made bullion buying not just easy,
but affordable compared to US options. Very much appreciated."

- Adam, Cayman Islands

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